A handwritten service adapted to your needs

In the fast paced world of today brands no longer sell their product or service but instead build relationships. The power of Customer Experience is enormous and is central to every modern business strategy. Marketers know that personalisation and communication are key. People are looking to build relationships with their favourite brand, rather than consume a product or service.

Whoever offers the most personal(ised) experience wins the battle to engage, convert and retain the modern customer.
Build relationships, increase customer retention and turn customers into supporters and business advocates.

Whatever the nature of your business; make your customer relationship personal with our dedicated handwritten service.

Trevor Hudson

Co- Founder & Head of Sales, Jiahu

Make your customers feel personally valued

Extend the customer lifecycle

Increase retention rates

Increase DM open rates

Convert more prospects to customers

Lower acquisition costs

Build meaningful relationships

Truely personalise your customers' brand experience

Increase ROI by 4 to 7 times