When’s the last time you didn’t open a handwritten envelope?

This is Jiahu …
A different way to communicate with your customers!

Have you ever not read a handwritten letter?

What Does Jiahu Mean?

Jiǎhú was the site of a Neolithic settlement based in the central plain of ancient China, near the Yellow River who settled around 7000 BC.

At one time, it was “a complex, highly organized Chinese Neolithic society, home to at least 250 people and perhaps as many as 800.

Important discoveries of the Jiahu archaeological site include the Jiahu symbols, arguably the world’s earliest examples in the history of writing, carved into tortoise shells and bones.

...and what is a Jiahu?

A Jiahu is your personal, handwritten corporate message, thank you note, promotion or invitation.

You provide the text and we supply the time + effort to handwrite your communication and let you show your customers and clients how special they are to you.

So how can I get Jiahu?

You simply apply for a consultation here so we can find out a little bit more about you and make sure we have the resources in place to meet your expectations. 

Every Jiahu we agree to – is bespoke!

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